About Us

The governing core values which are integrity, respect, gratitude and excellence enable Tent King to be driven to do and accomplish the quality assured to the market. We are always proud of our culture of sincerity in giving the best customer service with professionalism and zeal to provide solutions to our clients from first inquiry to after sales.
Tent King is highly regarded to bring you
the highest standard and exceptional value

Before the King was born, a balloon was made. A novice couple in the business world, Annabelle and Joey Espiritu embarked on a balloon designing business which catered to weddings, birthdays and more. Due to exposure in the events industry, the couple recognized the need for tents not only in special occasions but also in the corporate industry which consequently led to the creation of Tent King Corporation. To pave the way towards expansion, Tent King introduced tents in different styles and sizes.

Tent King continues to cater the events industry for well-covered outside events through our tent rentals. Also today, the team pursue its expansion in the market, conquering Southern Luzon and making its initial steps for its nationwide journey. Our heart stands where we can serve the people who trust us and satisfy them with quality products and services.

Message from our President
Joey TentKing
Welcome To Tent King! Quality, Comfort, and Worry-free events are our main thrust that greatly speaks the heart of our service and commitment to clients.   We aspire to provide more innovative ways to produce quality products and expand further in this venture.

We value your appreciation, therefore sustaining our resiliency in every condition.
Our pure intentions pave the way for more innovative ways to produce  more quality products and execute further.

We value your appreciation, therefore sustaining our resiliency in every condition.
Joey Espiritu
President, CEO & Founder
Tent King Corporation
Our team behind amazing projects and world-class client services.