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Pyramid Tent


Pyramid is another shape that is commonly seen in tent structures. Its base in the tent’s roofing made up of side posts are often in square shape for having an equal size like 3m x 3m or 10m x 10m. It can be observed in the photo that its triangular shapes are sloping its way to its vertex or the common point on the top most middle part.


Width: Any size can be customized (For purchase)

Length: Any size can be customized (For purchase)

Classification: Heavy Duty Collapsible Tent

Fabric: S200 Canvas (Fabric can be customized)

Framework: Galvanized iron pipes

Common Accessories: Pole covers (optional); pole curtains (optional); draping (optional) ; sidewalls (optional); roll-up door (optional); windows (optional)

Available Sizes
The capacity that’s indicated here is following the COVID-19 guidelines.
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