Through Bliss and Tears: A Year in the Pandemic

Jan 2022

Tears before Bliss

During the pre-covid days, the normal way of life is what we used to live for, even in businesses of different industries. Not until the day that a single virus came and changed the world. It is still a vivid scenario for everyone, especially for the employees who received a heartbreaking news of needed cost cutting and layoffs of their companies due to lack of source of fund . Several Filipino workers was forced to do other jobs or side hustles just to survive each day of uncertainties.

Tent King's President named Joey Espiritu, always shares a story to his team about his sleepless nights of crying , asking, and thinking of what might be the other ways on how the company will be sustained in order for his employees to have a continuous provision for their families. The darkest hours that made him endure more and hold on to his faith stronger reflected to the company's culture, and now, this yields to ongoing and upcoming success of the whole team.